RAP (Recreate & Participate) is a community-based Social Club. The Club is run by Crosslinks to promote fun and socially integrated experiences to adults with an intellectual disability.

To join the RAP Club you must be 18 years of age or over. 

RAP Social Club schedule

RAP operates on a fortnightly basis with activities generated through group discussion and choice.

  • Saturday mornings: 9am to 2pm
  • Saturday evenings: 5pm to 10pm

(Times may vary from time to time depending on the chosen activity)


Participant support

In the majority participants are supported on a 1:2 Support Worker to Participant ratio. This not only keeps cost of travel to a minimum but also encourages social networking and the opportunity to develop friendships. All Participants are picked up and returned to their homes at the end of the activity. (Unless alternate arrangements have been requested and agreed to prior to the planned activity with the Youth & RAP Officer).


Places in the Club are reliant on availability at the time of application – so please call or email our Youth & RAP Officer on the details below and she will be happy to discuss your enquiry.


Like any Club there are costs. The average cost of the social club outings is between $35.00 and $50.00 depending on what activity has been requested. On the occasion where an activity has free entry or is cost free the charge will be minimal. Most outings involve a meal.

Calendar of scheduled events

Activities are chosen by members of the Club at the commencement of the year. All necessary information is then forwarded to Club members on a calendar of events. The calendar includes costs and additional information that will assist in making the activity a positive experience. Having a calendar provides Club members with the opportunity for choice and decision making.

The options are endless with new experiences being added to the calendar each year.

Want to join in?

Please contact Donna Moss on 9374 1600 or using the contact form.