Our team at Crosslinks is participant centred and those who aren’t supporting participants are supporting those who are. Whether you are starting your career or looking to gain experience in the sector you can be assured that you are making a difference in our community.

We have a range of services which can be accessed by our participants and you can read further about these on this website. With just over 190 employees we are dedicated to ensuring you have a rewarding career with Crosslinks.

Although we predominately will advertise on social media and via seek.com we also encourage you to place your application in on the website as we have an active Succession Pool in which we use to backfill our permanent vacancies.

Support Workers

As we predominately recruit for Support Workers the following Success Profile represents what we look for in our candidates and how we measure success.

Reward and Recognition & Employee Benefits

Crosslinks embraces diversity and inclusion in everything we do, and provides excellent employee benefits, reward and recognition and career development opportunities.

These are highlighted below:


If you are looking for a career that is both challenging and rewarding, place an application in today. Any queries regarding recruitment can be emailed to

Training and Development

Crosslinks recognises the importance of compliance training and development and ensures all new employees have a comprehensive induction program and health support training as required for the participants they support.

All employees must complete ongoing compliance training and development requirements for their role.

We support career progression with a variety of learning and development opportunities such as:

• Internal programs offered by our dedicated People and Culture team
• External training courses
• Access to on line learning modules
• Career advancement through internal acting positions and promotions

Here are some testimonials on the excellent level of training we facilitate:

“It was amazing, I learnt so much. I think it is one of the most valuable training courses I have attended. If all staff get through this, then we will have far fewer issues after they are off their buddy shifts. The trainer was excellent in both manner and expectations held for her participants. She really pushes Crosslinks values which is great.”

“The trainer had a passion for the subject, and she made it relatable. I came away with some good ‘tricks of the trade’ that I had forgotten or were new to me. The biggest benefit of this training though was getting trained on how to use the VW van wheelchair hoist as I had never been trained this during induction and had been shown different ways by different people. So, after all this time, I finally feel confident using this piece of equipment.”

“Training has supported me to feel more confident that I am doing my job safely for myself and my participants and I am able to pass on that information to others. Working for organisation that is willing to put time and effort into my ongoing training and education then boosts my morale and passion in my role.”

What can I expect in the recruitment process?

Please note the risk to our participants is considerably higher than some sectors. So, we expect all employees to pass a medical assessment including a blood and alcohol test if they are successful in the recruitment process.

  • Once you have placed an application, we will screen your application and if you meet the criteria for the role, you will be invited to an interview.
  • If you are invited to interview(s), you will be asked a series of questions which relate to the role that you are applying for.
  • If you are successful in the interview we will progress to professional references. We will ask your permission to contact two recent references who can comment on your work history.
  • We will also require a Police Clearance with at least 6 months validity and require other checks which will be advised at the time of recruitment.
  • If we offer you the role, we will prepare and issue all the employment documents and onboarding process preparing for your commencement.
  • Prior to commencement you may be asked to complete some compliance information so that you are ready to go for day one which is generally a comprehensive induction process.

Current Vacancies

As we have a Succession Pool where we recruit our permanent employees from, if there are no active listed vacancies below, please register your interest by completing the Application Form.

We also consider student placements from student requiring experience in the sector. If you are interested in these opportunities, we encourage you to place an application.

Although we endeavour to contact all applicants you can appreciate the volume we receive, and we may not be able to contact you directly so as a rule only successful applicants will be progressed through the recruitment process.

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