Luke – The Crosslinks Connect 4 Champion!

Luke loves to play “Connect 4”. We have had a few editions of the game over the years but unfortunately bits get lost, rendering the game useless. I have a sneaking suspicion his housemate Andrew, takes a fancy to the brightly coloured counters and with all the skill and stealth of a master pick pocket, he salts them away in his secret stash.

What was called for was a different approach, so Luke’s Mum and I hatched a cunning plan to go big, go really big with the game. So big in fact that the counters wouldn’t end up, accidently, in a certain someone’s pocket, due to their sheer size.

The search commenced and it became evident that it would be hard to get one sent to WA. Luckily, we found someone that made them, and they lived in Ellenbrook.

When we went to pick up the game, we couldn’t be more delighted. What greeted us was the most magical, the most important, the most splendiferous “Connect 4” in the whole wide world, exaggeration? Well maybe, but it was pretty great and enormous, just what we wanted, and Luke loved it.

I have to warn you however, Luke is a Connect 4 shark, so prepare for him to wipe the floor with you, and he’ll give you a big smile and a loud chortle as he does it.   

Neil – Support Worker

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