Getting Started

Becoming a Crosslinks Participant

To become a Crosslinks participant, there are a few important steps to go through first. This is because we don’t use a “one size fits all” approach. We want to get to know you as an individual. When we understand your needs and how you like to spend your time, we can build a comprehensive package that strikes the right balance of care, inclusion and fun. This ensures that you get the maximum benefit from the time you spend with us.The following process relates mainly to our Community Inclusion services.Together, we’ll go through these 3 stages: 
Stage One


Here we get to know more about you. This is the start of our relationship and we will be asking questions about your likes, preferences and the things you want to achieve. This is our chance to connect with you, understand what you really want and explore how we can facilitate your goals in the best possible way. This is also the time when we start considering support workers that could be good matches for you. It may take a couple of meetings, but we look forward to getting to know you more.

Stage Two

Service Agreement Paperwork

Next, we develop your support profile. This promotes safety during your time with Crosslinks and provides a detailed rundown of your individual needs, preferences and characteristics such as health requirements, how you communicate, support worker preferences and other relevant information. We will also develop your Goal Plan together. This outlines your goals, how they will be measured so you know if you’re achieving them, and a detailed funding breakdown. We will help you navigate the NDIS if required too.

Stage Three

Starting Your Services

Now for the fun bit, we begin our services with you. Through an initial period, we track how you are responding to your personalised plans and adjust anything that might not be working. Then over time, we actively respond to any changing needs that may arise. We will regularly check in with you to make sure you are happy and getting the most out of your experience with us. 

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