Jess’ Story

Jess has been a part of Crosslinks for over 10 years. Jess lives with his Mum (Rose) and Dad (Mark) and their two dogs Charlie and Wallace. Jess is a fun loving natured man who has a great sense of humour. He has a passion for music and you often hear Jess humming along or singing his heart out, be it sitting around or during Karaoke. Jess is active and enjoys various sports especially Basketball, Footy and swimming, along with watching tv and video games.

Jess has a kind nature and is always willing to help out wherever he can. He really likes laughing with the guys, playing air guitar and dancing along to
music. Jess loves his hip hop dancing and busting out breakdancing moves. Jess always has CD’s on hand to play his favourite tunes in the car.

Jess attends the RAP program which is a community based social club. Jess enjoys various activities such as playing pool, walking, dinners, discos, mini golf, pizza nights, singing along, movies, karaoke and sculpture
by the sea.

Jess really enjoys dressing up and attending the Discos run for RAP program. The Halloween Disco is one of his favourites. He really likes going out on RAP. Jess also attends the Community Inclusion program
and works two days a week but always stores his energy for a RAP night out.

Jess is a massive fan of AC/DC and he recently attended The Australian AC/DC Experience (AC/DC Tribute show) at the Grand Hotel in Midland. Jess explained how much he loved the concert and was able to attend the Karaoke program the following week and sing the songs again finishing the song like a Rockstar.

The RAP program is really important to Jess as he not only gets to see his friends he gets to engage in the community socialising at a variety of events.

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