Crosslinks Superstar Mikyla

Name:     Mikyla                                                  

Participates in: Community Inclusion, Community Living & RAP

Receiving Support from Crosslinks since 2008



Q:   What is the best thing about Crosslinks?

A:   Going to Monday music time with my mates and visiting the city on the train.

Q:   If you could choose a superpower, what would it be?

A:   Be super like P!nk

Q:   What is the best thing you have ever learned?

A:   Cooking with Marie and developing my signature dish, pumpkin soup.

Q:   What is your all time favourite song?

A:   One Too Many by Keith Urban and P!nk

Q:   What do you like to do for fun?                                                           

A Going to the airport with my Dad

Q:   What would you say to someone who wants to work at Crosslinks?

A:   Come and work with me I’m fun to hang out with

Q:   If you could do anything you wanted to, you would…                       

A:   Go to America and see all the P!nk concerts

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