Jarrett is a helpful guy

“I’ve been supporting Jarrett for the past couple of years, supporting him to explore his local community and develop relationships with the people
he meets. If you haven’t met Jarrett, he is one of the most bubbly, helpful guys you could meet. He is always willing to assist a friend in a wheelchair, carry a bag for someone, and stack and unstack tables and chairs at the activities we attend.
Jarrett enjoys horse riding, swimming and heading to the city on the bus or train. Most of all, Jarrett loves to dance to music, with his favourite song being the Hokey Pokey. Jarrett is also a star at Simon Says, and
is just a little bit competitive!
Jarrett has previously collected and replaced the guide dog money tins in shops, shredded and made notepads for the Crosslinks Admin team at Cale Street, and has a passion for recycling plastic bottles. Watch this
Written by Bev – Support Worker

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