Don’s new wheels

This International Wheelchair Day we spoke to one of our Supported Independent Living residents, Donald. As someone who only recently started using a wheelchair, Donald and his Support Workers only have positive things to say about how the wheelchair has impacted his life!

Four months ago, Donald and his Support Workers noticed he was becoming more fatigued on his usual walks and social outings, resulting in an increase in the number of seizures he was having.

After assessments with Occupational Therapists and working closely with Donald’s guardian, Donlad was able to visit a store to trial a few chairs. He left with the “Ferrari of Wheelchairs”, something super comfortable that would allow him to spend a lot of time in it.

Since then, Donald and his Support Workers have been able to continue venturing out to the local shopping centre for coffee and enjoy day trips out to places like Fremantle, the city and even for events like the Royal Show.

Support Workers call this a game changer for Donald and the man himself says “Oh yes, I love it!”

International Wheelchair Day is an opportunity for wheelchair users around the world to celebrate the positive impact a wheelchair has had on their lives. It also celebrates those who provide support and care for wheelchair users and brings awareness to making our communities a more accessible place for people with mobility issues.

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