Our Team

Vicki Caudwell


I joined the Board of Crosslinks Inc. as an honorary member in January 2015 and became a full member at the AGM in the same year. In the following year I took on the position of Chair of the Board, a position I currently hold.

I have over thirty years’ experience in service delivery, policy development, managing risks at the organisational level, undertaking service evaluations and strategic planning. During those 30 years I worked in the public service in various roles including clinical psychologist, accommodation services manager, policy developer, service developer, evaluator, planner and executive director. I also worked across a number of state government departments with a variety of client groups including people with disability (intellectual, physical and mental illness), offenders and children in need of care and protection.

I bring a strong commitment to the future development of Crosslinks Inc. and want to help it maintain the great service philosophies and standards it has established for its participants over the past twenty years.

I also have a lifetime commitment to helping and enabling people in situations of disadvantage to live happy and fulfilling lives and my son Matthew is a very happy recipient of Crosslinks Inc. services. For both these reasons I want to support Crosslinks Inc. to continue to be an ethical, effective and accountable service. Matt has a lot of fun and learns a great deal on his Crosslinks Inc. outings and I want this to continue.

I live in the hills with my son and we enjoy “the good life”. I’m also a fledgling quilter and a very keen cook. In my spare time I dabble in the garden and live in hope of one day producing edible tomatoes in sufficient quantities for us to enjoy.

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